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Product Name: Adjustable Kickers

Alternate Names: Adjustable Kickers

Product Code Size Price Qty
KB100 100mm Wide (Qty 100) £103.50 Add To Cart
KB150 150mm Wide (Qty 100) £135.00 Add To Cart
KB200 200mm Wide (Qty 100) £168.75 Add To Cart
KB250 250mm Wide (Qty 50) £110.25 Add To Cart
KB300 300mm Wide (Qty 25) £63.00 Add To Cart
KCC Concrete Cap (Qty 50) £96.75 Add To Cart
KSL Support Leg (Qty 25) £78.75 Add To Cart


Adjustable Kickers are used to space wall shutters thus eliminating the need for a traditional kicker. They can be located in the centre of the wall with a cap on each end (double sided) or offset with one cap only (single sided) where a water bar is present, or in a wide wall.

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