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Product Name: BAG ® Rectangular Column Formers

Alternate Names: BAG ® Rectangular Column Formers

Product Code Size Price Qty
BAG175200 175 x 200mm Call for Price
BAG200240 200 x 240mm Call for Price
BAG200250 200 x 250mm Call for Price
BAG200300 200 x 300mm Call for Price
BAG200350 200 x 350mm Call for Price
BAG200400 200 x 400mm Call for Price
BAG200450 200 x 450mm Call for Price
BAG200500 200 x 500mm Call for Price
BAG240300 240 x 300mm Call for Price
BAG240350 240 x 350mm Call for Price
BAG240400 240 x 400mm Call for Price
BAG240500 240 x 500mm Call for Price
BAG250300 250 x 300mm Call for Price
BAG250350 250 x 350mm Call for Price
BAG250400 250 x 400mm Call for Price
BAG250500 250 x 500mm Call for Price
BAG300350 300 x 350mm Call for Price
BAG300400 300 x 400mm Call for Price
BAG300450 300 x 450mm Call for Price
BAG300500 300 x 500mm Call for Price
BAG350400 350 x 400mm Call for Price
BAG350500 350 x 500mm Call for Price
BAG400500 400 x 500mm Call for Price


BAG ®  Column Formers are a single use formwork system that gives an excellent smooth fair face surface finish. Our Column Formers are manufactured by welding together several layers of high quality polyethylene coated kraft paper, which are spirally wound and bonded together by heating the polyethylene. Once this step is complete, a water resistant foil is also spirally wound over the kraft paper, sealing the column against humidity. This manufacturing process requires no additional adhesives which reduces the wall thickness, making the BAG ®  Column Formers light and easy to handle. 



Lined - BAG ® Column Formers have a  PVC liner which is fitted the whole length of  the inner diameter of the Column Former, this provides an impeccably smooth finish. BAG ® Column Formers will only leave a hairline seam on the concrete from the point where the liner joint meets.


Unlined - BAG ® Column Formers are also available unlined for applications where surface finish is not critical. This Column Former will leave a spiral effect on the finished column.


Square - BAG ® can offer square or rectangular columns on request, made from our standard Column Former with an additional polystyrene insert, manufactured to your specific requirements.      


Bespoke - BAG ® can also offer made to order bespoke designs. Please contact our sales team for more details.



Light easy to handle as opposed to steel shuttering. 

Labour saving.

Easy to strip, no mould oils required.

Quality fair faced finish.

Can be used for protective cover for the completed columns.


Water Resistant:

The Column Formers are water resistant due to manufacturing process and the outer layer of foil, both of which seal the Column Former against humidity. Protection will be required when stocking in direct contact with rain and water.

Delivery Information

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