Product Details

Product Name: Comax® Reinforcement Continuity Strip

Alternate Names: Comax® Reinforcement Continuity Strip

Product Code Size Price Qty
CCS0801215U T12-W80-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS0801220U T12-W80-C200-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1401215U T12-W140-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1401220U T12-W140-C200-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1601215U T12-W160-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1601220U T12-W160-C200-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1901215U T12-W190-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1901220U T12-W190-C200-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1901615U T16-W190-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS1901620U T16-W190-C200-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS2401615U T16-W240-C150-H170-L480 Call for Price
CCS2401620U T16-W240-C250-H170-L480 Call for Price


The COMAX® system. COMAX® is one of Europe's premier reinforcement continuity systems. With continuous product development over a 25 year period the customer can be confident in using a system that has been incorporated into some of Europe's most prestigious civil engineering projects. COMAX® has been used to  simplify and accelerate construction in a wide range of construction fields from tunneling to slip forming in some of Europe's tallest Structures. With the intrinsic benefits of the COMAX® casing, it offers ease of access to an infinite range of special shapes and sizes, not to mention a readily available stock of standard profiles. You can be sure that COMAX® will offer an engineered solution with no compromise to the original design brief, whilst offering significant benefits to traditional construction methods.

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