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Product Name: The Bolt Cracker

Alternate Names: The Bolt Cracker

Product Code Size Price Qty
BC20 20mm (Qty 100) £96.75 Add To Cart
BC24 24mm (Qty 100) £99.00 Add To Cart


Guaranteed full  movement inside the cone.

No damage to bolt head or thread during stripping stage.

No induced stress or failure to bolts.

Better quality, reduces time, increase productivity.

Easy to line steel frame.

Eliminates manual handling risks, vibration and chamical contact contained within other options.

The Bolt Cracker is an innovative new   invention designed to maximize holding down bolt movement. It provides a simple, easy to install, safe and cost effective solution to a very common problem within the construction process.

The Bolt Cracker clips on to the head of the bolt and tightens up to the base plate giving a solid tight seal.

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